The tunnels and mines of Winter Hill, Bolton.


     This is a difficult subject to write about for it involves coal mines!

    The "authorities" do not like people who explore old coal mines and they would be more than happy if all the practical signs of the history of coal mining on Winter Hill vanished. Indeed, they are currently spending tens of thousands of pounds to obliterate all signs of the mines on the summit. Fenced shafts which have existed for generations have recently been bulldozed. Any signs of the surface remains of mining are filled in as quickly as possible. So far as I am aware, no historical records (ie photographs, measurements etc) are being made of the sites prior to their total destruction.

    Unfortunately - or fortunately - people other than the "authorities" think differently. They want to know more. They want to know the history of a place. They want to explore that history themselves. Whilst wishing to abide by the law, they are at the same time, torn by the wish to learn more about the history and the wish to explore further.

 This is a Web site about the coal mines under Winter Hill, located near Bolton in Lancashire. The writer fully realises the dangers inherent in all coal mines. He also realises that "authorities" have to regulate coal mines in order to "protect" the public. However, he also recognises that people wish to explore these industrial remains - even if only from the comfort of their armchair or sitting in front of their computer.

   This site will try to keep you informed about the mines on Winter Hill. Where they were, what they were dug for, how extensive they were etc. If I can obtain details about what still exists underground I will let you know all about it - whilst protecting those who are still exploring.

    What this site will and will not contain:-

1. It will NOT divulge where any of the entrances to the mines are UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Coal mines are extremely dangerous not only because of possible collapses, but also due to the dangers of gas, flooding, explosions etc. The people who explore and map coal mines should do so, only if they are fully conversant with safety proceedures and are fully equipped with the latest safety equipment, gas detectors etc. All tunnel descriptions on this site have been given by teams suitably equipped.

2. The writer does not under any circumstances wish to encourage general members of the public to enter old coal mines. He does however wish to inform people about their local heritage and to encourage them to learn more about their locality.

3. At present the writer has very little information about the mines in general on Winter Hill and he has knowledge of only a few particular areas. If anyone has any other information about any of the mines on Winter Hill not mentioned on this Web Site, then please get in touch with me so the information can be added. I can be contacted here.

4. The site will expand as more information can be found on the subject.

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