The main mining areas of Winter Hill, Bolton.


Winter Hill is riddled with tunnels, mines, shafts and other mining remains. On the surface, the mining remains are being removed all the time by the authorities.

On this Web site, the term "Winter Hill" refers to the upland area bounded by Belmont Road (A675) to the East, the Belmont to Rivington road to the North, Colliers Row/Scout Road to the South and the Rivington reservoirs to the West. The area does NOT include the lead mines at Leadmines Clough, Anglezarke.

Major coal mines on the Southern side of Winter Hill include:

Montcliffe Colliery

Wilderswood and Wildersmoor Colliery

Mountain Mine

Burnt Edge Colliery

Smaller interesting coal mining remains on Winter Hill include:Shafts to North of Pigeon Tower, Rivington.

The aerial view shows a mining or quarrying area by the side of the Belmont to Rivington moorland road (the road is on the bottom LH side of the photo) at the point where the road leaves the flat moorland area and turns sharp right before dropping down towards Moses Cocker's Farm and Rivington. Any info on this quarry would be greatfully received. Click here to send me an e-mail.

Since writing the above I have now learnt (from Peter Elliott in Chester) that this quarry was once the site of a gunnery battery during WW2 which used the deserted hamlet of Helmshore on the upper Yarrow as the target!!!! I can well remember the period when the Army bomb clearance people "swept" the hamlet and discovered VAST quatities of unexploded munitions - which they removed!

There are a number of mines on the Northern flanks of Winter Hill, but at present I have been unable to find out any information about them. If anyone can help with info please don't hesitate to share it with us all! You can contact me by clicking here

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