Tunnels and Mines of Winter Hill.

The Wildersmoor tunnels to the North of George's Lane

This page shows some of the more northerly tunnels in the Little Mine/Great Mine complex of mining activity under Winter Hill. All the photo's are taken in an area which stretches from Georges Lane heading North stopping a few hundred meters from the transmitting masts on top of Winter Hill.


As usual, it is a great pity that those who bulldoze and fill in the mines on Winter Hill could not at least have taken descriptions, photo's, measurements etc so that future generations could learn something about their mining heritage. To wreck what little remains (using the excuse of "safety") is an act of vandalism without keeping some sort of historical record.

The same people who try to obliterate all signs of the mines - whether unsafe or not - would be the first to complain had I done the same to Liverpool Castle in Rivington, some years ago before people began to realise it's true "value" to local people. Preserve your history and heritage - or if you can't, then at least keep records of what existed. In the past few years over 30 mining remains have been totally obliterated on Winter Hill with no records being kept. North West Water Authority have a lot to answer for to future generations.




The tunnels underneath the moorland on top of Winter Hill are a warren and it would be very easy to get totally lost and disoriented in the system.Some of the tunnels are fairly large and spacious but there are also areas of collapse where progress is slow.







The upper areas of the mine are in the main fairly dry, but from time to time water seeps in to form streams and small pools.


This area of the mine is still in the Little Mine, as can be seen by the height of the coal seam.



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