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Old photographs of Clifton.

From time to time I either come across, or get given, old photo's from around the Clifton area. Rather than just keep these all to myself or just deposit them in some local museum or visitor centre where they're never likely to see the light of day, I thought I'd put them on the internet for all to look at and enjoy. That's the good side! The bad side is that the quality of some of the pictures leaves a bit to be desired and they're all black and white. The other disadvantage is that this page is likely to take ages to load as I'll try to keep the picture quality as best I can. I'll add the odd note if I know exactly what the photo shows ............ but if YOU can add anything to the description just let me know. You can contact me HERE

There are more old pictures of the Ringley/Stoneclough area on the "Old Photographs of Ringley" web pages.

Rear of Pilkingtons backing on to Fletchers Canal


The following photographs belong to Mr Donald Beswick formerly of Charles St, Swinton and now living in Los Angeles.

James Brindleys weir upstream from Clifton. Wot, no trees???


This is said to be of "the roving bridge" on Fletchers Canal taken about 70 years ago. It is thought that the photographs owner is perhaps referring to the pack bridge at the junction of Fletchers Canal and the Bolton and Bury Canal near to Pilkingtons. Anyone any other ideas?

Near Rhodes Lock on Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal. The Pilkington pottery kilns can be clearly seen on the horizon and the 13 arches are centre left of the picture.


Yet another view of Brindley's weir on the River Irwell. The houses at Ringley can be seen at the RH side of the photo.

And now for a few more Photo's of Pilkingtons - the kilns fascinate me (I always assume that you only ever see these things in the Potteries) so any pictures I find, you'll get 'em on here. If you want different "old" pictures of Clifton then please let me have them!


The next photo shows a view of the Irwell taken from across the river near to the Giants Seat Nursery. It shows the old "turbine" house on the Wet Earth bank of the river. The remains of the water turbine can still be seen on the riverbank (the Wet Earth Exploration Group excavated it right down to the bed rock but it quickly gets re-covered by river silt) but the building itself has long since gone.


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