Wet Earth Colliery Scrapbook

For many years I have waited for someone to write a book about the colliery of Wet Earth at Clifton , near Manchester. As no book has so far materialised yet people are always asking for more details about the mine, I have put together this brief collection of articles, information sheets and photographs to satisfy both myself and others who are interested both the colliery and the general area.

This scrapbook has been produced only for my own interest and will not be "published" in any proper sense of this word, although I may run off a few copies for friends and the odd person who has expressed interest. A copy of it is here on the Internet.

The scrapbook is in PDF format (ie it can be read on most types of computer or operating system) BUT in order to read it you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. This program is FREE and downloads and installs VERY quickly and easily and should be installed in YOUR computer as many documents on the Internet are now being produced in this format.

To down load Acrobat click HERE.

To download the "Wet Earth Scrapbook" ..... click HERE

The file is fairly large (4.9 Mb - so it may take quite a few minutes to download completely) due to the inclusion of decent quality photographs in the publication. The scrapbook will be updated from time to time ...... the latest edition (number 2) was produced on January 9th 2003.


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