Get a new view of your world!

On the Internet one often hears people talking about world events, yet some people seem to have very little real knowledge about exactly what is going on around the world - apart from what they hear on their own countries radio and TV broadcasts or what they read in their newspapers. Many of the worlds newspapers are available on the Internet - in English - and a number of Internet only "newspapers" are also available.

When events are happening in the Middle East it's always informative to check up on what's going on in the Jerusalem Post, the Palestinian Chronicle or even the Afghan Times maybe.

Purely for interest, more obscure newspapers to look at could be the Ascencion Island Newsletter, the Gibraltar Chronicle or even the Khyber Mail Daily. Other more "normal" newpapers are also available such as Pravda, New York Times etc. All are only the click of a button away!

To see what's available, just click in the left hand window on the area of the world that you're interested in then click on the publication you're interested in. The newspaper of your choice will open in a new window.

Get a new view of the world ........ and bookmark this page for future reference. For Newspapers in other languages click here.

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