Personal Photographic Memories of Fred Dibnah.

The official face of the TV presenter! .... with Alf at the back trying to hide from the TV camera.

The unofficial face! ..... "I know I like Guinness, but you've just dug that out of the mineshaft Alan. Oh go, on. I'll have it when I've finished the pies"

Fred the mine explorer, underneath Winter Hill, near Bolton (I'm not too sure exactly who took this photo!)

"It's no use whinging, moaning and biting your tongue Cliff. I know you've been stood there for over half an hour heating it up but I'm nearly ready to belt it one now. Just give it another 10 minutes!"

"Yet another of my homemade models for TV. Do you know Alan, these tight fisted TV people don't pay me a penny extra for all the time I spend on them. Mind you, some of them HAVE falled down"


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