Origin of the Tudge Family

   There are now people with the Tudge surname living all over the world.

    In my researches, it would appear that the surname originated in the Worcestershire/Hereforshire/Shropshire areas of the UK. If it didn't originate here, then there were an awful lot of Tudges in the area in the 1700 and 1800's!

    In the late 1700's and the early 1800's people with the Tudge surname started moving to other areas of the UK, with a large contingent ending up in Lancashire - with a large number of the male members of the family being employed as miners working for the Duke of Bridgewater, with some later moving to other mining areas within the UK and abroad.

    Over some years of research I have found young Tudge children in workhouses, Tudges who have been murdered (or at least have been involved in manslaughter cases), numerous Tudges working as servants, Tudges who were classed as "Luddites who have taken the unlawful oath". They pop up everywhere and the mixture is quite fascinating.

   The surname Tudge is a fairly uncommon one in the UK and in theory it should be fairly easy to draw up an accurate family tree going back to at least the mid 1800's. Unfortunately, despite the family being a fairly small one, all the Tudge information is split up here and there, scattered all over the place. A number of different people are researching the surname with each person accumulating information. Unfortunately there is is no one point of contact where people can go to look at ALL the information currently available.

   This web site is an attempt to collect ALL the Tudge information together in one place.  

   ANY new Tudge information I receive will be put on this web site in one form or another. If it is a bit of a family tree I'll enter it into a GEDCOM file so you can import it into your favourite family history program and look at all the information on the database. If you can help with information from the UK GRO indexes, I'll retype the info and add it to the site. If you've got a bit of Tudge info, history or anything else "Tudgewise" I've no objection to typing it out again and republishing it as a Tudge Web Page as part of this site.

    I'm hoping to have the entire UK GRO (General Records Office) index of Tudge Births, Marriages and Deaths on this page eventually and in principal have no objection to paying someone to do this research for us. It is however apparant that many others have already done large amounts of research in this area, and I'm trying to persuade them to share this research with all Tudges by letting me put their information on this site. Once I've obtained their info I'll then pay for someone to complete the research so we'll have "the lot" on one site for all to share. If no-one provides anything then I suppose I'll just have to shell out and pay myself - or perish the thought - sit at a microfilm reader myself to get the information!

  If YOU have any of the "missing" information, or if you'd like to add to this site PLEASE get in touch and either give me your Tudge information or let me know where I might go for further information to add to the site.

   Your help would be VERY much appreciated by Tudges throughout the world.

   Best Wishes to all ............. Dave Lane

   E-mails can reach me here - d.lane@btinternet.com

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